Gulrukh Khan

Gulrukh Khan is a highly experienced International film maker, and has directed, produced and scripted a diverse range of short films, education videos and documentaries. Amongst these are a 5 x 1 hour documentary series on dolphins, marine life and human impact. The main subject of her Dolphin series, Rick O’Barry, trained the Flipper dolphins for the popular TV series “FLIPPER’, and won the Oscar for Best Documentary Film for ‘THE COVE’ at the 2010 Oscars.

Her latest venture is a documentary on the Spirit of the Martial Arts with world class artists, world champions, Masters and international Martial Arts celebrities. See

She has also produced and co- scripted a short film on Relief Advertising called ‘Mantra for the New Millennium’, along with the (late) award winning director Michael Portelly. (Best remembered for his award winning film ‘Oceans Daughter’, and highly acclaimed Cheltenham and Gloucester

Gulrukh is also a fully qualified Wholistic Practioner, dealing with Mind, Body and Spirit. She has extensively studied Energetic Balancing along with other Wholistic modalities including: Clinical Aromatherapy with Acupressure Massage and Advanced Theta Healing. See

She comes from a long line of Complimentary Medical Practitioners, including her Paternal Grandfather Sir Maqsood Jung, who was the Unani Practitioner to The Nizam of Hyderabad and the ‘then’ – President of India. Unani, or Yunani, is a traditional Graeco-Asian medical treatment practiced widely in South-East Asia, and based on the teachings of Greek Physician Hippocrates, and Roman physician Galen.

Her late Uncle Idries Shah was renowned for his books on Sufism, and was best remembered for introducing Sufism to Western Academia.

Shaun O’Connor

Shaun O’Connor is an experienced cameraman, director and editor. After working for many years on pop promos and TV documentaries, Shaun now designs websites and does photigraphic portfolios. Shaun co-directed, filmed and Co-Produced Blue velvet In Sinai